ITIAH Angels For Learning (IAFL) expresses heartfelt thanks to Saint Barbara Catholic Church, under the leadership of the Rev. Père Eugène Roi Almonor, for its generous monetary donation to IAFL. As a member of Saint Barbara, Edwight Civil, a friend of ITIAH and an alumna of École Mère Louise (EML), led the effort, collecting almost $200.  Her parish church is part of the Haitian Catholic Church of Philadelphia. The donations were used to purchase a huge storage drum to ship back-to-school items, masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, and nonperishable food.  The money also helped pay for part of the shipping cost of the supplies transported to EML in October.  “The members of Saint Barbara  delivered beyond our expectations,” said Giorgio Dell’ Acqua IAFL’s Executive Vice President.  “Their great spirit of giving means a lot to EML and to us all.”

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