On November 7th, ITIAH Angels For Learning (IAFL) enjoyed a Saturday morning “Gentle Flow” yoga class led by Robbinsville, NJ-based instructor Meeta Parekh, owner of Lavender Yoga Fit. Parekh engaged 10 participants, including IAFL volunteers, in a variety of meditative postures to help build our immunity against disease and to improve the quality of our overall lives. The lesson began in a seated position and progressed to standard yoga positions including tabletop, downward dog, and the tree pose, all engaging various muscle groups.


“Breathe in, breathe out,” she repeated to us.  She said that through practice, we will become aware of the merits of meditation. Parekh elaborated on how becoming aware of our breathing helps us reflect on our emotions and the tensions in our bodies.  These tensions can build up over time and lead to illness.  Parekh provided tips for breathing in and out to help regulate our respiratory system, including alternate nostril breathing. She also focused on individual areas of the body — face, stomach, eyes and lungs — to help release toxins and to, in turn, improve our digestive system, memory and lung capacity.


“The art of releasing tension through our bodies is beneficial to us all,” said Parekh. “When good energy moves downward and rises up through us, we  open positive channels that the next person can also feel through us,” said Parekh, “Feeling gratitude is a major part of the release of tension. When we fill our hearts with gratitude, we begin to view life with wonder.”


IAFL will host more public events in the near future. Details will be forthcoming in upcoming newsletters. Find Meeta Parekh on Facebook at @lavenderyogafit, and follow our socials! Look for @itiahangels on both Instagram and Facebook.


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