How a robust early childhood education made a real difference in my life

I come from a family that has always put education first.  My family believes that every person should have the opportunity to become a responsible citizen, open-minded and filled with choices and opportunities. Education is the best way to escape from a predetermined condition with limitations due to poverty.

I was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

I am part of the small percentage of Haitian kids who went to kindergarten in the early ’70s. My mother and grandmother sent my older sister and I to a private French kindergarten, Les Joyeux Lutins, despite financial strain. My grandmother, in particular, always managed to  bridge financial gaps. This built a solid educational foundation for me from the beginning.

Fulfilling her goal of educating her children, my grandmother enrolled me in EML‘s private primary school in Port-au-Prince. I received a privileged education, based on the excellence of a French education. This school has greatly prepared me to pursue a successful secondary and higher educational journey in France.


EML has given me much more than a quality general education; it instilled in me beautiful values that have guided me throughout my life. These values include respect for others and the homeland, kindness, discipline, rigor, excellence, open-mindedness, ethical and moral sense.


My excellent education has undoubtedly given me the confidence to adapt quickly in a foreign country and to evolve professionally at a high level. I recently founded my own consulting and coaching company, which aims to help organizations improve effectiveness.

EML gave me my start in life.   I extend to EML my eternal gratitude.

Mehdy Bourjolly, HR and organizational consultant, executive coach. Founder of Aizan Consulting & Coaching, based in Paris


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