We are honored to have Dr. Marie-Gladys André-Dupuy, a proud alumna of École Mère Louise (EML), join ITIAH Angels for Learning (IAFL) as an advisor to the education team. She is an outstanding educator with more than 25 years of teaching experience. Dr. André-Dupuy has served as a mentor and coach to new teachers and has demonstrated passionate commitment to education in the classroom. She is passionate about helping the poorest of the poor among children. Dr. André-Dupuy has conducted educational research in the Western Caribbean region and explored how Haitian educators perceived self-efficacy in the classroom following the January 10, 2010 earthquake. She explores this topic in her book “Heroes of Hope: How 13 teachers helped their students and themselves after a natural disaster that nearly destroyed their nation in one day.”

Her book is a qualitative case study on how secondary school teachers in Haiti perceived their ability to meet the educational needs of their students after the earthquake, and how this resulted in positive educational outcomes for their students. Dr. André-Dupuy affirmed in her book that teachers’ sense of self is an important factor in teaching and engaging students throughout natural disasters, much like the COVID-19 pandemic we face today. Through interviews and face-to-face interaction with 13 teachers, Dr. André-Dupuy offers relevant information regarding educational topics today.

Dr. André-Dupuy has also created Education for One and All, Inc., a nonprofit organization that provides financial support to the poorest of the poor children in Haiti.

 You may purchase “Heroes of Hope” at bookstores, or online at Amazon.com and at Apple iTunes stores.


By Julia Katz

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