On Sunday May 16th, ITIAH Angels for Learning (IAFL) hosted a virtual Mindful Meditation session with Roksana Filipowska! We gathered for a soothing 45-minute sound bath — a cellular massage that induces relaxation — and got comfy with Roksana, a meditation facilitator.

Roksana integrates scientific research with intuition to craft virtual and in-person experiences that provide opportunities for deep rest, calm, curiosity, and connection. She is also the creator of Being Present with Art, a program that pairs mindfulness-based stress reduction meditation with art museum pedagogy. Our session was a wonderful way to engage with the community, pursue a healthy lifestyle, and learn more about self-care and the art of meditation. As we continue to pave ways for a healthier, happier world, we hope you and your loved ones will participate in future IAFL events like these! This is how Itiah Angels for Learning is also giving back to our local communities.

By Julia Katz

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