ITIAH Angels for Learning is proud to welcome new fellows for the summer and fall of 2021!

Vishnupriya Ramesh

Vishnupriya Ramesh is joining us as a web development fellow. She is a sophomore at Rutgers University majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering is a part of the Douglass Residential College. By joining ITIAH Angels for Learning, Vishnupriya hopes to further her knowledge in working in a professional environment. Furthermore, she values the effect of education and its importance in the world, and she hopes to help ITIAH grow. In her free time, she likes to teach kids, cook, and read.

Angel Nguyen

Angel Nguyen is joining both the medical team and events team. She is an upcoming senior at Rutgers University majoring in public health. She plans on getting her Masters of Public Health (MPH) after she graduates. Ideally, she would like to work at a nonprofit or a healthcare organization after obtaining her MPH. She always had a passion for volunteering and helping people, and she aspires to make a difference in others’ lives through working with ITIAH Angels. In her free time, she likes to kayak, play with her dog and watch movies. 

Zahra Fallah

Zahra Fallah is joining the writing team. She is a third-year student at Rutgers University, majoring in Animal Science with a minor in Political Science. She aspires to attend Law School post-graduation as she is very passionate about human rights, animal rights, and women empowerment in the eyes of the law. She wishes to give back to the communities in need of help and she is grateful for having the chance to make a difference through ITIAH Angels for Learning. She enjoys cooking and playing video games in her free time!

Katherine Dinh

Katherine Dinh is joining the writing team. She is a junior at Rutgers University and Douglass Residential College pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences (BA) and a minor in Health and Society. She is also a BA/MD candidate in the Honors College and Robert Wood Johnson Medical School 4+4 Program in Global Health, which has given her flexibility to explore her interests in education, art, and policy. As an aspiring physician and academic, she wants to contribute to ITIAH Angels and make a difference in the lives of youth. In her free time, she enjoys music production, creative writing, and digital art.

Unaisah Quazi

Unaisah Quazi is joining us as a web development fellow and a member in the events team. Unaisah is a student at Rutgers University and Douglass Residential College, majoring in Information Technology and Informatics. She spends most of her time reading stories, doing arts and crafts, and exploring different interests every day. She’s also very passionate about women empowerment, international education, global affairs, etc., and hopes to help ITIAH in helping children in Haiti get access to educational opportunities, health resources, and more. 

Yara Hanafi

Yara Hanafi is joining us as an IT fellow. She is an upcoming junior at Rutgers University studying computer engineering. She plans to work with the IT department as she’s passionate about pursuing work in technological fields after college. She’s a fast learner and curious to learn new things. By being part of the ITIAH Angels, she hopes to give back and help others as well as learn new skills and experience. Outside of college, she enjoys spending time with her family, pursuing hobbies, and developing her skills.  

Ramya Ramabhadran

Ramya Ramabhadran is joining as a web development fellow. She is a second-year Electrical and Computer Engineering major at Rutgers University. She joined ITIAH Angels for Learning because she wanted to give back to the community by volunteering and gain experience by working in groups with people from different backgrounds. In her free time, she enjoys reading and singing.


By Katherine Dinh

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