On a mission to sponsor the education of youth in Haiti, ITIAH Angels for Learning has affiliated with the app Handshake, a career services platform where employees typically hire college students and graduates. Handshake is accredited for partnering with more than 1,200 colleges and universities, eleven of which have declared their interest in working with ITIAH Angels for Learning through their career services. With the help of this app, students from institutions such as Stanford University, Carnegie Mellon University, and Rider University will be able to view fourteen distinct fellowship positions that will be offered by the organization to students from all backgrounds. These positions are listed below:

Marketing Associate, Programmer, Grant Researcher, Grant Writer, Outreach Associate, Social Media Coordinator, Public Relations Associate,

Strategy and Visionary Lead, Fundraising Coordinator, Events Support, Technology Optimization, Data Analyst, Graphic Designer, Project Manager

It is hoped that this affiliation with Handshake will allow for a more diverse set of student fellows who will bring their new experiences and passions to the team while practicing what they love in the real world. As ITIAH Angels for Learning continues to make a difference by sponsoring one student at a time in Haiti, it also hopes to assist up-and-coming college students with their future career goals through these offered fellowship positions!


Written by Zahra Fallah

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