Welcome, friends! We hope that you learned more about ITIAH Angels for Learning’s recent events from our September newsletter. October is in full swing, but it is also important to take a moment to look back and reflect on what has happened to Haiti in these past few months. The country is still picking up the pieces of what it has lost, however, the strength of Haitians must be praised and admired.

The earthquake that devastated the southern region of Haiti in August is still a focus as ITIAH Angels for Learning’s volunteers are doing their best to help out and give back to those who lost so much. As mentioned in the previous newsletter, we have raised money for the families caught in the aftermath of the earthquake. We are determined to continue our work with earthquake aid and we thank everyone who has donated thus far to the earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.

In the meantime, EML’s students are back in school and hopefully excited to learn! ITIAH Angels have been working hard to ensure that the students of EML are provided with the proper tools and support needed for learning, with the help of our gracious donors and the work of our volunteers and fellows. We have a lot of exciting news to share. Please continue reading to learn more about ITIAH’s October stories!

A virtual weekend of events with entertainment is being planned for GIVING TUESDAY to introduce the little girls’ dresses designed by IAFL volunteer, Ms. Magnolia Brown. They will be showcased during these live events. Registrants will sponsor a dress with any amount. Over 100 dollars, our sponsors will get a 3 nights stay at a luxury hotel. These stays can be in Orlando, Vegas, Paris or Cancun, etc.

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