More than ever, we are called to make a difference in each other’s lives! Giving Tuesday is an important time to remember to support and uplift those who are helping others out in the community. ITIAH Angels for Learning wishes to give back to our donors. We are hosting an event on November 20th at 1:00 PM called “A Festival of Thanks and Giving”, which will take place until December 4th at 5:00 PM.


As part of our Giving Tuesday event, participants who donate a minimum of $100 will receive a free vacation. But all donations, no matter how big or small, are welcome.


Ms. Magnolia Brown, a volunteer at ITIAH Angels for Learning, took the time to design and sew beautiful dresses for the little girls that the organization supports in Haiti. Giving Tuesday reimagines a world that is built upon shared humanity and generosity. When you sponsor a dress, you get to choose your vacation:


  1. You select the little girl’s dress you love the most.
  2. You can sponsor the dress with any amount of donations.
  3. With the sponsorship of 100 dollars or more, you can choose to stay at a luxury hotel. This is how we give back!
  4. The location of the luxury hotel is based on your sponsorship level.
  5. Later you will receive a photo of the little girls with the beautiful dresses that were sponsored.


All prizes will be sent to sponsors after the sponsorship is made. To participate in our Giving Tuesday event, please use the Eventbrite link listed to sign up: Registration is free.


Written by Paige Cornell

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