Hi friends,


Happy New Year and cheers to 2022!

As we ring in the New Year, we are so grateful for all that we have accomplished in 2021 while we prepare for new beginnings in 2022.


With your help, our compassionate donors, our impact was nicely aligned with what we hoped to accomplish in 2021. Together, our volunteers and supporters are improving education for the students at EML by providing tuition and supplies needed to improve their learning environment. Additionally, following the tragic earthquake in the summer, you came through with the necessary funds. We were able to provide aid directly and swiftly to those affected.


In 2022, we look to continue our goals of improving education by focusing on the students’ wellness, nutrition, and other areas. Haiti faces one crisis after another, and it is important that we continue to help the students with basic primary needs so they can focus on their studies. To start off the year, as you can read more about below, IAFL is planning various monthly events to engage with our community. On January 22, we are hosting a yoga event. Please join us on this journey as we have great plans for the New Year and beyond.


Thank you to everyone who made 2021 a great success!



Marie Thadal

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