IAFL hosted a fantastic fundraiser at Café Du Pain Bakery in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, with the help of our wonderful volunteers, Magnolia Brown-McGlothen, Sherly Porsana, Giorgio Dell’Acqua, Alinah Thadal, Ava Daniels, and Marie Thadal. In addition to greeting our supporters who came to purchase the delicious pastries offered at the bakery, we met many local patrons interested in IAFL’s mission of delivering education to children in Haiti who inquired about volunteering and donating to the organization.


With the “Love Is in the Air Fundraiser Event,” which took place March 4th and 5th, IAFL received a donation from the bakery, which is enough to sponsor an additional student at Ecole Mere Louise for a whole year. IAFL always rewards its supporters with gifts usually sponsored by local vendors and other businesses. The raffle winners were awarded the prize of a gift basket and beauty products provided by Gourmet Body Pastries Skin Care. Andee Coombs of Robbinsville won the gift basket, and Maggy Jean-Charles of Hamilton won the beauty products gift box. We also had a consolation prize given to Val Mathews, a Small Business Mentor. Pictured are the winners with their awards from the fundraiser event.


Marie Onyeani, the owner of Café du Pain bakery, congratulated IAFL for its successful fundraising event. “Marie, You guys at ITIAH Angels for Learning, did a fantastic job!” Lari, the Bakery Manager, wrote to IAFL. “We are excited to write a check to IAFL to support the organization in its mission. Thank you and Congratulations!!!”


Written by Zahra Fallah

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