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Welcome to another edition of ITIAH Bulletin, IAFL’s monthly newsletter! March is all about the start of spring and with it the feeling of rejuvenation. In the wake of trying times in Haiti, there has also been a lot of resilience from the community and an eagerness to turn over a new leaf. Haiti’s willingness to push forward and strive in the midst of chaos is truly admirable, and it is something that must be remembered by us as we continue with our day-to-day life. On that note, we thank our supporters from the bottom of our hearts for your donations and participation in our events.


This month, IAFL is proud to spotlight our strategic plan with Rider University as we continue looking to add to IAFL’s team. We have already been successful in this process with Rutgers University. This semester, we should add 3 to 5 Rutgers students to our team. We are also excited to launch the upcoming STEM project in partnership with Robbinsville High School and its robotics team.  Additionally, The IAFL Saturday Yoga with Lavender YogaFit of Robbinsville is scheduled for April 19th at 9:30 am. Be the first to get your ticket on Eventbrite. As always, there will be prizes!


Overall, March has been quite a busy month for the IAFL volunteers, and we hope that you enjoy reading about the progress that we are making as an organization. Happy Women’s History Month!



Marie Thadal

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