ITIAH Angels for Learning (IAFL) attended the Robotic Networking Night hosted by the Robbinsville High School Robotics Team on March 30. Representing IAFL was Marie Thadal,  Magnolia Brown-McGlothen from the executive board, and Jolia Thadal, an IAFL committee lead. Upon arrival at the event, IAFL members were greeted by two assigned ambassadors who helped them navigate the entire evening of presentations and demonstrations. After settling down, the event began with its business presentation. Dressed in full business attire of black and white, Swetha Ramachandran and Maitri Shah, of the Robbinsville High School Robotics Team highlighted the team’s competition achievements and expressed their gratitude for all the support they receive from the community. They also praised their outreach program and briefly described their upcoming STEM project with IAFL. This project, although still being developed, aims to provide students of both EML and Project House of Hope with opportunities to discover technology. Students Ramachandra and Shah are also volunteers at IAFL.


Attendees then explored the technology lab, where the build team which included Ava Daniels, another IAFL volunteer, presented the 2022 design challenge. The build team, sporting their red Team Nemesis 2590 t-shirt was proud to introduce Isis, the 2022 robot. Isis’ capabilities were demonstrated to the attendees. Isis was able to climb and shoot balls into a cone. Before the end of the night, attendees were offered delicious refreshments and encouraged to network with others at the event. While attending the event, IAFL volunteer coordinator Jolia remembers her history with robotics. “Being back at my high school as a guest of the robotics team brought back a nostalgic feeling of the days I was a member of the team,” said Jolia. IAFL secretary Magnolia praises the team’s dedication to the robotics program and sends them well wishes for their future competitions. “I wish them the best at their next competition at Lehigh University to go on to the world championship event,” said Magnolia.


Written by Kat Dinh

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