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Welcome to another edition of the ITIAH Bulletin. Spring has blossomed and Easter is right around the corner, and our world is brimming with color. It is time to celebrate this wonderful season, and with it comes the Easter holiday. Just like us in the US, our students at EML will celebrate the Easter holiday with church services and may participate in services held on Easter morning by sunrise.


Spring is a perfect time for flowers to bloom. Did you know Haiti’s national flower is the Hibiscus? At times, the people of Haiti use it to steep tea which is a good thing because it helps to boost their immune system. Spring is also a time to enjoy the natural beauty in our surroundings, look at the flowers, and pause to view sunsets and admire an occasional rainbow. Indeed, beauty is everywhere. Life is amazing!


However, while we encourage you to take a break from time to time, we hope that you remember that there are others whose lives don’t allow them a moment of enjoyment. They need support to keep on going and that’s what the volunteers at IAFL aim to do. The more you get to know us and the students we provide for, we hope you will make a donation or join us as a volunteer. In this edition of our monthly newsletter, we will discuss Carnival in Haiti and how the school celebrated during this tumultuous year. On a lighter note, let’s explore what the variety of colors within the Haitian flag symbolizes. Let’s also delve into our strong alliance with the Robbinsville High School Robotics team, Nemesis FRC2590, the town’s award-winning team.


In honor of national volunteer month, hats off to all the women and men at IAFL who are sharing their expertise to transform lives all over the world.


Happy spring to all! See you at the IAFL lavender YogaFit on Saturday, April 16th at 9:30 am.



Marie Thadal

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