Dear Friends,

We have missed you during our two months hiatus. But we are back to keep you informed on our impact and upcoming activities.

As the higher summer temperatures are making ways for cooler fall weather, our students are preparing to resume their education for another school year. Despite the chaos occurring around our little girls in Haiti, we encourage them to march on and stay the course. To ensure them a successful year, Itiah Angels for Learning (IAFL) rallies around them by providing the necessities. Meeting these objectives is a culmination of the work done by our volunteers and the generosity of our supporters, and collaborators. Currently, we are collecting school supplies, furnishing apparels like white socks and undergarments, shoes for 5- to 13-year-old girls, white or navy-blue hair ribbons, barrettes, and related items. You can reach us at

With your help we are able to deliver on the promise of our mission. On September 16 & 17, we are planning a fun and engaging event in partnership with Café Du Pain to celebrate IAFL’s 4th anniversary as an organization. Café Du Pain bakery located in Lawrenceville, offers French pastries and savory treats for the most discriminating palate. Their croissants are the best around and if you don’t know about their famous Pate Lacaye, it is time that you do. To participate in the fun, win baskets and other prizes you must use the code Angel 4 with every purchase on September 16 and 17. See below for more details.

In addition to our partnership with Café Du Pain, we are also creating awareness to our mission through our collaborations with the Trenton Farmers’ Market and the Robbinsville Farmers’ Market. Lastly, I ask you to please read the articles as they are researched and written by student volunteers from partner universities. By way of this bulletin, we update you on our projects, events, and the impact we are making together to improve the future of the students at the Ecole Mere Louise School in Haiti.

The fall season ushers in several holidays, I hope you enjoy yourselves. Let us welcome students back to school and embrace the month of September for beginning another year of education for learners alike.



Marie Thadal

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