Dear Friends,

Students are resuming their education for another school year despite the chaos occurring around them in Haiti. In the midst of their studies, we rally around them and encourage their growing knowledge of the world. Be sure to join ITIAH to help contribute to our cause at an event taking place on September 16 in partnership with Café Du Pain.

In addition to our partnership with Café Du Pain, we also are collaborating with the Robbinsville Farmers Market manager Ludovich Andre. Around the corner of the fall season is a time to usher in several autumn holidays, such as Labor Day, Rosh Hashanah, and Giving Tuesday. I also am going to update you on intentions with ITIAH, and the impact ITIAH has made among students in Haiti at the Ecole Marie Louise School.

Let us welcome students back to school and embrace the month of September for beginning another year of education for learners alike.


Sincerely, Marie Thadal

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