Dear Friends,

October is an important month here at Itiah Angels for Learning. It is the time when we host our annual month-long fundraising event. The students at Mère Louise School will greatly benefit from the donations received and will help them as they begin the new school year. IF you wish to donate during the fundraiser campaign, please click here. Any amount helps the cause!

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, it is important to remember to give back to those in need. Just $25 can help purchase books for five students, $50 can aid in providing uniforms for five students, and $100 can help give uniforms for ten students.  

In this month’s edition of the newsletter, we will look into how hunger is impacting the most vulnerable among us and how a lack of food remains an issue around the world. In addition, we wish to thank everyone who participated in our events throughout the year and showed up to help create awareness of our mission. Lastly, we invite you to take a look at our events happening the last three months of the year and we invite you to take part when you can.  

I hope you enjoy the holidays you celebrate this month: Yom Kippur, Columbus Day, Indigenous People Day, Canada Thanksgiving and Diwali.


Marie Thadal

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