Itiah Angels for Learning (IAFL) would like to give a special shout out to the Smith Family Foundation for their College Care Package initiative this past August! In their 6th annual College Care Package Event in Trenton, the Smith Family Foundation gave out baskets full of college essentials to graduating high school seniors who would be starting their journey of higher education. These baskets included items such as cleaning supplies, toilet paper, notebooks, and blankets that will definitely come in handy for students who are dorming or living away from home for the first time. Students also received new Dell laptops, an essential for writing their papers and completing their assignments. Some of our volunteer students at IAFL who went off to college received these care packages from the Smith Family Foundation. 

One of the Smith Family Foundation’s core values is to sow the seed of education, placing an emphasis on the importance of higher education and ensuring that students have the resources to succeed. IAFL shares this vision and agrees that empowering students and providing them with the necessary support, love, and care will make an incredible difference in their lives. Over the past year, IAFL has shipped backpacks full of school supplies to the students at the École Mère Louise (EML) elementary school in Haiti, as well as raised money for over 100 students’ tuition so that they could continue their education. No matter where students learn, whether it be Trenton, Haiti, or wherever else they attend school, the kindness put into these care packages will likely motivate them to continue working hard to further their education. 

IAFL would like to once again celebrate the Smith Family Foundation’s generosity. The thoughtfulness of people who give and donate to young people is a beautiful thing to see. Thank you for giving to the community and supporting these high school students (now college students) in this new life transition!


Written by Serina Bernardo

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