Dear Friends,

November is a time to remember what we are thankful for and to show gratitude for all the blessings that have come our way. It is a month we set aside time to thank veterans for their service. Thanksgiving is also right around the corner. Before you know it, we will be sitting around the table with family and friends appreciating all that is good in life. 

Unfortunately, many around the world are dealing with hardship. And now more than ever, the students of École Mère Louise Elementary School in Haiti need our help. Haiti has been dealing with rising violence which has caused school to be delayed for students. This truly breaks my heart because our mission is about keeping students in school so they can learn, get a hot meal in a safe environment. Hunger has also been a major issue in Haiti, with citizens dealing with scarce resources due to the current political uprising. 

But we decided we will not be deterred. We have been actively involved in supporting the students in the best way that we can. We were able to ship drums of food (Donated by HANA), school supplies, vitamins (Donated by Robbinsville PostNet), clothes and toys (Donated by Children Home Society of NJ). Every time you make any donation, it makes a significant impact on the lives of the students in Haiti.

We wish to thank Café Du Pain for hosting our 4th year anniversary fundraising event in September. We thank everyone who made a donation to the Founder’s Day celebration which took place during the entire month of October. If you have not had a chance to send your support yet to our charity, we are closing out the year with our Giving Tuesday campaign. Please keep on reading, remember our articles are written by the wonderful IAFL Newsletter team who are all college students who have donated their time to make a difference in the world..

From all of us at IAFL, we are wishing you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving!


Marie Thadal

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