On Saturday, February 11, Itiah Angels for Learning’s first annual “Meet & Greet IAFL” event will be hosted at Café Du Pain bakery located in Lawrence, New Jersey. This is an event aimed at creating awareness to Itiah angels for Learning, a registered 501 (c ) 3 nonprofit organization located in Robbinsville NJ. 

With that, our goal is to raise tuition money for the children for each school year. One child’s tuition annually is only about 200 USD which is less than 20 USD per month, but for many parents in Haiti, it can be unaffordable. The new year is quickly approaching, the volunteers at IAFL are making the necessary preparations to ensure that our students will attend school without the concerns of whether or not their tuition is paid. 

This event is also a great opportunity for Café Du Pain’s patrons who are already supporting the bakery’s humanitarian initiatives, to meet and greet the volunteers of IAFL, learn more about our organization and the little girls whose lives we are transforming. Patrons will be given the opportunity to participate in this life changing experience.

We want to give a special thanks to the management staff at Café Du Pain for their continuous love and support to our charity and others. Our partnership helps us to uplift our students’ education and encourage them to reach their full potential. The management  has been amazing in helping us reach our goals and we are so grateful to keep working with such a wonderful business. “We’re building a more connected and harmonious world. At Café Du Pain Bakery, we bake to create a more delicious world, in doing so we help to nurture ourselves, our communities, and our relationships. As a result, we’ve undertaken numerous initiatives as part of our mission to leverage food as a humanizing experience. We’re harnessing the power of food to connect people, cultures and create a more delicious world. Café Du Pain bakery boasts some of the most delightful treats in the world and we invite everyone to come and visit us and embark on a journey with us to a delicious destinationsaid Marie Onyeani, co-founder/chief baker of Café Du Pain Bakery.

Written by Serina Bernardo

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