Heidi Garner, Piano Marvel Chief Marketing Officer

There is an excited buzz among all of us here at Piano Marvel as we prepare for the Christmas Challenge this year! It is because we have decided to dedicate this year’s Challenge to giving rather than the usual competing for prizes among the Piano Marvel Community. In the Piano Marvel app, we host piano challenges that people all over the world participate in for a chance to win prizes. But lately, some of our winners have refused to accept their prize and instead opted to gift it to someone in need.  The Piano Marvel community is full of incredibly generous and caring people, and together, we want to make a difference in the lives of the students at École Mère Louise (EML). EML is the elementary school that the founder of Itiah Angels for Learning, Marie Thadal attended before she emigrated to the United States. 

Piano Marvel designed a state-of-the-art piano learning software that helps music lovers of all levels learn to master the art of playing the piano. Piano Marvel will be providing free accounts to the students at EML who want to learn piano, but we felt we should do more. We have decided to dedicate this year’s Christmas Challenge to giving. For every Christmas song passed off at 96% accuracy or higher, we will donate one penny (USD) to one of the three organizations we have chosen to help.

  1. Itiah Angels for Learning, benefiting students at École Mère Louise Elementary School in Haiti
  2. Foyer Coin des Cieux, an orphanage in Haïti 
  3. Club Vallarta, an after-school program in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

In addition, one of the top three piano studios in the challenge (the studios that collectively earn the most money by completing the most Christmas songs) will be paired with the piano students at École Mère Louise to be “piano pen pals.” We are thrilled to put on this challenge and bring our community together to help others. We like to refer to this community as the Piano Marvel Family and we are excited to invite the students at École Mère Louise Elementary School to be a part of this family.

8 Responses

  1. The Christmas Challenge is going well, and the Piano Marvel Community has already passed off 126,171 Christmas songs, which means we have earned $1261.71 to be split between the 3 organizations, including EML Elementary school. We still have 24 days until the Christmas Challenge ends and we can’t wait to see what we can do together. Thank you to everyone who has participated this year and are Playing for Change! If you would like to participate, you can create a free Piano Marvel account at pianomarvel.com and start passing off Christmas Songs.

  2. Piano Marvel does such a great job of bringing people together internationally during their monthly challenges for some friendly competition and an opportunity to learn new pieces and improve sight-reading. This Christmas Challenge, however, has taken it to a whole new level as we get the additional opportunity of helping others in such an amazing way!

  3. Piano Marvel does such a good job of bringing people together, internationally, in their monthly challenges for some friendly competition, while allowing us the opportunity to learn and perfect new pieces and improve our sight-reading. This Christmas Challenge, however, has taken things to a whole new level as we get the additional opportunity to help others in need. It’s really wonderful to see how much the Piano Marvel community has already contributed to this great cause!

  4. It’s been fun to play this years Christmas challenge. I have played more this year than ever before. It’s great to know that I’m a part of giving back to others in need 😁

  5. I can’t wait to see what the final number is going to be. I have enjoyed being a part of this challenge. It makes every song I pass off feel just a little more rewarding!

  6. This challenge definitely touches my heart! I love that everyone, but especially children, have an opportunity to use their talents to bless others. I am so grateful to everyone who is giving so much to help these children in these different areas. I love being a part of this! I wish my studio was one of the studios to become piano pen pals with these groups. That would be so cool! The studios have been doing incredible and I am looking forward to hearing about how the students from the top three studios will get to know one another. Keep up the amazing work everyone! Please pass the word on to anyone and everyone. This is such a wonderful experience to be a part of. Thank you Piano Marvel for making this happen!

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