Written by Hope Neis from Robbinsville Farmers Market
Hydroponic Farm Coordinator
Robbinsville Division of Recreation and Parks

Education and helping students grow to their fullest potential has always been very important and a great source of pride for Mayor Dave Fried, Administrator Joy Tozzi, Town Council, our Recreation Division and to me personally. My passion for helping students started when I was a student myself. I always wanted to make sure my fellow classmates had the proper tools they needed to be able to succeed. If I found that they didn’t have something, I would start by sharing my supplies, then eventually I was able to give them their own supplies by seeking help for them, or simply getting it for them myself. That’s why I personally love Itiah Angels for Learning.  Their fundamental impact on education and skills training is life changing. IAFL makes it easy for us as a town to support them as we share the same goals in supporting students and their education.

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