Itiah Angels for Learning (IAFL) is so grateful for our partnership with Café Du Pain Bakery. Our partnership first began in early 2020, right before the start of the pandemic. Marie Thadal,  the founder of IAFL, and board members Giselle Trujillo and Giorgio Dell’Acqua reached out to Café Du Pain Bakery for a potential fundraiser. They met with Lari, the bakery’s manager, and together they planned their ‘Love is in the Air’ fundraiser scheduled to take place on March 4 and 5th. Due to the pandemic, this event was on March 4th and March 5th 2022. This event was a huge success, with our volunteers being able to engage with the patrons at the bakery and spread the word about Café Du Pain to our friends and family at IAFL. Café Du Pain’s generous donations at this event were able to sponsor an additional student’s tuition. Since ‘Love is in the Air’, Café Du Pain has continued to be an amazing sponsor for our organization. Most recently, this past September IAFL celebrated its 4th Anniversary at Café Du Pain. In our ‘4th Anniversary of Doing Good’, we raffled beauty gift baskets to people who ordered from Café Du Pain Bakery and used the code “Angel 4” at checkout. This event was also a success and the winners went home with their prizes. Supporters of the fundraiser enjoyed top tier pastries for a good cause. It was great to celebrate our organization’s accomplishments with the kind people at Café Du Pain. 

This upcoming February, we are planning our first annual ‘Meet and Greet’ hosted by Café Du Pain. As we have done and continue to do so much marketing about their bakery, this event is a great way for Café Du Pain to further support us. With this event, our goal is to raise money towards students’ tuition for the 2023 school year. This event is also a great opportunity for patrons to learn about IAFL and the little girls we help in Haiti achieve an education and better quality of life. Our ‘Meet and Greet’ is taking place on February 11 so make sure to stop by to grab some delicious baked goods and meet our team! 

Through our partnership with Café Du Pain, we are able to spread more awareness about our organization’s mission and have greater community outreach. We are also able to tell our volunteers about the generosity of Café Du Pain (and their delicious croissants) so that they could support a lovely business that gives back to the community. Thank you Café Du Pain Bakery for all the love towards our organization. Please continue to support this bakery and their wonderful staff! 


By Serina Bernardo

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