We are excited to announce that the winners of Piano Marvel Christmas Challenge 2022 have launched a program to be Pen Pals with Students from École Mère Louise (EML)!

When the Piano Marvel Christmas Challenge ended, and the top 3 studios were declared the winners of the Studio Division, there was excitement among the piano students as they waited to hear which of the non-profit organizations they would be paired with. They would be a part of the Pen Pal initiative that Piano Marvel and ITIAH Angels for Learning have organized. The two piano studios, owned by Brenda Whitlow and Lorri Dunn, have 30 students each who will participate in this initiative. These piano students are anxious to start corresponding with girls who attend EML elementary school in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

Twelve of Lorri Dunn’s students are French-speaking because one of her studios is in a French region of Nova Scotia. They hope to speak French with their pen pals from Haiti and are excited to help them practice their English. All in all, we are anxious to hear what all of the pen pals learn from each other and hope that lasting friendships will be forged.

We know that the world would be a better place if everyone contributed to the most vulnerable among us. The Piano Marvel family is delighted to help ITIAH Angels for Learning achieve its objective to transform children’s lives. “This is music to my ears” says Marie Thadal, the founder of ITIAH Angels for Learning.

Written by Heidi Garner

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