Itiah Angels for Learning (IAFL) is ecstatic to announce that the donation shipment was received at the Ecole Mere Louise school this March. After months at sea and unable to dock, the drums and boxes finally reached its destination–the school campus. The donations for the students include non-perishable food collected by HANA of Garden State’s food drive, vitamins from PostNet of Robbinsville, and kits supplied by FRC2590/Team Nemesis of Robbinsville for the students to create their own robots. IAFL hopes that giving the students the chance to build their own robots will help encourage their young minds to develop a passion for technology and creativity. Other miscellaneous items came from various donors, like school supplies, clothes, and shoes were included in the shipment as well. 

We also sent two additional boxes that contained keyboards donated by Ms. Magnolia McGlothen-Brown, IAFL’s executive secretary.  Piano Marvel’s director, Ms. Heidi Gardner will lead a virtual music program where the students will have the opportunity to foster their musical talents. IAFL has partnered with Piano Marvel this past holiday season to provide the students with free accounts. Piano Marvel and IAFL also coordinated a piano pen pal program that pairs Piano Marvel students in the U.S. with the students at EML who wish to learn to play piano. 

It has not been an easy task getting these donations to the school. Civil unrest in Haiti has made it difficult for timely and secure shipping. With political turmoil and gang violence contributing to the persisting crises in Haiti, the shipment process continues to take an indefinite time to reach its destination. We are grateful that the students received the drums and boxes. We hope to send more donations in the future with the help of our supporters. 

Written by Serina Bernardo

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