Founded in 2018, the non-profit, Itiah Angels For Learning is turning 5 years old! This summer on July 29, happening in the heart of Princeton, New Jersey, we are celebrating our anniversary with a spectacular black and gold affair. The night will be filled with live cultural entertainment, featuring artist Jocelyne Dorisme and other performances! 

As a non-profit that prioritizes progress in education, a scholarship award ceremony for our student volunteers will also be included on the night’s itinerary. 37 fellows later, we thank every volunteer’s time and contribution, and we are inviting you to celebrate their dedication with us. 

At the end of the night, every guest will take home a gift bag value of more than $350 and further prizes will also be awarded based on different conditions. 

  1. Early birds tickets buyers will be entered in raffle 1
  2. Guests wearing black & gold will participate in raffle 2
  3. First guests to arrive by 5:45 pm will be entered in raffle 3

This special event will be held at the Crowne Plaza in Princeton: 900 Scudders Mill Road, Plainsboro Township, New Jersey. Join us as we celebrate our passion for giving and elevating others! Get your tickets here:

Written by Jennifer Shu-Ping Chen

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