We are beyond excited to announce the keynote speaker for our Gala of Angels on July 29th, will be the Professor of Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development at Rochester Institute of Technology Saunders College of Business, and Author of Creativites, Dr. dt ogilvie. 

As a professor, Dr. ogilvie has dedicated her academic career in strategic management, collaborative economic development, and entrepreneurship. She founded the Center for Urban Entrepreneurship (CUE) at the Rochester Institute of Technology and was the founding director of the Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development (CUEED) and the Scholarship Training and Enrichment Program (STEP) at Rutgers Business School. She also served as the Mayor’s Senior Advisor on Economic Development & Urban Entrepreneurship for the City of Rochester for 3 years, where she founded ROC City Biz that offers a 10-week entrepreneurship training program designed for aspiring entrepreneurs. In addition to her “local” lectures, she has also given lectures in France, Papua New Guinea, Fiji, China, Peru, and New Zealand. 

During her wide-ranging career in academia, Dr. Ogilvie has extensively taught and trained youth and young adults in entrepreneurship and business, especially underserved and minority students. She believes one of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs fail is because they lack the support and knowledge to run a business successfully, even when they may have an excellent product or service. By making resources accessible to the disadvantaged members of these communities, she wishes to “de-risk” the path ahead of the aspiring entrepreneurs and afford them an opportunity to be more successful than they otherwise might have been. 

With her new book, Creativities: The What, How, Where, Who and Why of the Creative Process, she and her co-authors, Chris Bilton, and Steph Cummings use the analogy of cooking to encourage the readers to discover, mix, and adapt their own creativity. By learning the five elements of the creativity process and studying the thirty recipes/case studies, Creativities will help educators design and lead classes on creativity, innovation and creative entrepreneurship.

The Gala of Angels will take place July 29 at Crowne Plaza Princeton in Plainsboro Township, New Jersey. We hope to see you there to learn how you can unleash your own creativity.

Written by Jennifer Shu-Ping Chen

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