We live in a world that innovates rapidly. What gets discovered today becomes part of our lives almost instantaneously. For example, ChatGPT – once it was introduced to the world, people didn’t leave any stone unturned in using it in whichever way they could to make their lives easier. Many have also found unique and creative ways of using tools that weren’t thought of before.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where opportunity isn’t equally distributed. While the convenience of drafting a simple message has been automated by AI technologies, there are still people living in parts of the world where they can’t afford their basic needs like food, let alone technology. Haiti is one such country that is grappling with myriad issues at every level. From food scarcity to gang violence and education, Haiti is dealing with issues that the world should incumbently support the country on.

Haiti, although prosperous with natural resources, is finding it difficult to become self-sufficient due to its past roots in slavery, current gun violence carried out by gang militias, and natural calamities. At this juncture, because of its pronounced issues, it cannot act on just one issue but instead requires a strong multi-pronged approach to address them. Unfortunately, the current support the country is receiving isn’t enough.

The country is also dealing with diseases, gang violence, and food scarcity. Just imagine, what if your 8-year-old had to walk barefoot to school on rough terrain and bad weather, covering a distance of 2 miles one way, while navigating through gang violence, and perhaps not even receiving a meal at school, yet still focusing on getting an education. As humans, can we continue to allow this to happen to other individuals? Are those our values? I’m sure we can do better than this. And how can we do better? Well, for starters, we can provide support to organizations that have dedicated their resources to empowering Haitians and bringing positive change to the country.

ITIAH Angels for Learning has rekindled the spirit of bringing hope to mankind through its impactful initiatives. ITIAH Angels for Learning is addressing one of these issues to the best of its capabilities – supporting and educating young Haitians to make them knowledgeable, strong, and independent leaders guiding the country in the right direction. Whether it’s sponsoring a child’s education, investing in Haiti through beauty projects, or creating a robotics team to teach young Haitians about technology, ITIAH Angels for Learning has undertaken many such initiatives and has received support from numerous donors and organizations. It has also witnessed the impact it has made on the Haitian community. With just a generous donation of 55 cents per day, you can support a child’s education and see that donation make a lasting impact.

Sponsorship serves as the backbone to bring about positive change. It is through generous donations from many sponsors that ITIAH Angels for Learning has seen significant changes. Through generous sponsorship, educational resources and infrastructure can be developed that educate not only the current students but also future students who can make their country better. However, the donations might not be enough to make a sustainable impact. ITIAH Angels for Learning encourages you to make consistent financial donations a part of your life and see the impact you can make.

With more sponsors, change in Haiti can be accelerated. Now that you’re aware of the importance of sponsorship, will you be a part of this change and also encourage others to join you? We look forward to seeing you become a part of the ITIAH Angels for Learning family and witness the differences you can make.

Written by Krutarth Trivedi

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