We couldn’t have achieved this monumental feat without you, our sponsors! Words cannot express the depth of our gratitude for the support we received. Thanks to our gala event sponsor, five student volunteers were able to receive awards for their exceptional service. Whether they were corporate entities, businesses, or individuals, every single sponsor played a crucial role in helping us deliver the spectacular event we had promised.

In total, we had six exclusive vendors who showcased their products and services to our community. They included John & Tokunbo Ford of Keller Williams, Ruth Jackson of Transamerica, Poonam Jha of Rose Boutique LLC, Arabia M. Pennington of Butterfly Smiles, Elaine Fowler & Adelaide Agyemang of New York Life, and Beatrice Sessoms of Bea natural 2. Many others advertised in the gala program book, while others extended their congratulations and well wishes to Itiah Angels for Learning. We wish to also extend our heartfelt gratitude to the fourteen guests who dipped into the Dipjar device to sponsor the annual tuition for fourteen of our students. How can we thank you all for your generosity? Thank you and thank you.

Our strong ties to the cosmetic industry were prominently displayed throughout the event. The items up for auction in the silent auction garnered numerous bids before ultimately finding their lucky winners. These beautiful prizes were generously donated to our charity to boost our fundraising success.

The items that were up for grabs included a luxurious Hand and Nail care kit, a full-size Marilyn Monroe dazzling lash and nails kit, a one-month unlimited Zoom fitness class from Yip, body contouring session from Soul Medica, a Dolce & Clemente Haute cuisine gift card and gourmet gift basket, a Burt’s Bees gift basket, Coco Chanel and Bleu Eau de Parfum, a gift certificate from Kenny’s Clean & delicious Meals, Chaz Dean Wen Pina Colada hair product collection, and a fall floral fantasy gif set.

Last but certainly not least, each attendee left with a bag packed with beauty and personal care products that were generously donated by various friends and companies within the cosmetic industry. This list includes, ECMA, American Solutions for Business, So-Cal Sourcing, Merit, Mana Products, Crida Labs, Twincraft and Pivotal Products.

To simply say that their contributions were integral to our success would be an understatement. As Helen Keller once eloquently stated, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” We genuinely appreciate all the love and support you’ve provided!

Written by Shu-Ping (Jennifer) Chen

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