August is National Black Business Month and I am honored to highlight A Black and woman owned, luxury hair care and bath & body company.  With this promo code: Marie15 please enjoy 15% off your next purchase thru 8/31.

This is a great time to recognize and support Black-owned businesses across the United States. In honor of National Black Business Month,  Marie Renée Thadal, network will receive 15% off all hair care, beard care, bath & body products from Tropical Origin.  Research and statistics show, supporting Black businesses, or “buying Black,” is a very effective strategy for moving Black people toward equality in the United States. While Black-owned businesses in the U.S. have grown significantly in recent years, they still make up a small share of firms and revenue in the country, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of Census Bureau data. In the spirit of community, let’s be intentional with our spending this month, as we know the greatest way to support a Black-owned businesses is financial! Please, take a moment of your time to get to know this up and coming brand of luxury hair care, beard care and bath & body products for the whole family.

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About: Founder/CEO Fallon L. Dickson | Tropical Origin

In 2008, Fallon, began her transition to natural hair initiated by her hair stylist, at Miss Jackson’s Penthouse Salon in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Not hesitant at all, she wanted healthier hair. After one year of chemical-free (relaxer) hair-she fell in love with her texture. To fully embrace her natural, thick and curly texture she cut her hair into an Afro. On a search for gentle, eco-friendly hair products, Fallon discovered products marketed to “ethnic” women wasn’t so natural at all. Then to explore the conventional aisle of hair products to be no different. On her journey, she learned that many of the products contained petroleum, environmental toxins, synthetic fragrances, artificial dyes, and endocrine disruptors. By 2009, frustrated with wasting time and money, she took things into her own hands by formulating plant-based hair care infused with Native American healing herbs and botanicals from her western African heritage. By 2012, Fallon had a growing natural hair following.  Out of the need for innovative botanical hair care she developed Tropical Origin and established her headquarters in downtown Tulsa. Fallon comes from a family of Black business owners. She credits her mother with instilling leadership and a strong work ethic in her at a young age. To contact Fallon, or book her to speak about business, beauty or self care/wellness please send inquiry to: is a luxury online experience, selling premium natural & botanical hair care, beard care, bath & body products.

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