As we enter the fall season and our friends and family return to school, we must remember that there are others whose lives are not so easy. It is easy to take blessings for granted, like shelter, food, and water.. Helping out neighbors abroad means improving the future of Haitian youth. Drinkable water is a mandatory resource that is least accessible. A bright and happy future for all involved, lots of teamwork and dedication, following through with initiatives that bridge the wellness gap. 


To increase the number of Haitians with clean water access, Itiah Angels is partnering with Naturall LLC. The natural haircare brand previously supported Itiah Angels in numerous ways that still benefit Haiti and our mission. They made a 200 donation for Haiti Flag Day 2021 from their fundraising activity for IAFL. Most recently, Naturall provided their curly hair-friendly products for the gift bags received by all attendees at the 5th-anniversary gala. This partnership aims to raise money to build a well at Ecole Mere Louise (EML). The well will be a direct and reliable source of clean water for the primary school students. 

Since there is not a well on the school grounds, there is a demand for water delivery services. With the support of our donors, we have equipped the school with water purifiers to ensure most contaminants are removed from the water before consumption. Currently, the cost of purchasing truckloads of water is too high in Haiti. The violence in the environment sometimes makes the water delivery service unfeasible.  Naturall aims to solve the clean water crisis at the primary school by establishing a Borehole fund for the clean water project. One dollar from every item purchased with the code “Cleanwater” will go to the Cleanwater Borehole Fund. The more Naturall products purchased by our friends and family using the code “Cleanwater,” the quicker we can make water available to our students from the school grounds!

Written by Tiffany Williams

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