Rutgers Douglass is taking a significant step in promoting volunteerism and supporting academic initiatives that benefit impoverished children in Haiti and the Caribbean.

 A relationship between Itiah Angels for Learning and Douglass WiSE has been established by Lydia Prendergast, Ph.D., associate dean Douglass Women in science and engineering, and Lorne Joseph, Ph.D., director of engineering and STEM research initiatives, Douglass WiSE – director, engineering living-learning community. 

“A stipend will be offered to student volunteers at the end of each semester,” said Dr. Lydia Prendergast. “It is a great incentive to motivate more students to get involved in volunteering efforts. This financial support can make a significant difference in their ability to contribute to projects like the Youth Robotics Program and the Cosmetic Science Workshop initiatives at Itiah Angels for Learning, which aim to improve the lives of disadvantaged children.”

Itiah Angels for Learning is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit international education organization established in 2018. Its mission is to transform children’s lives by providing educational tools to impoverished communities to foster learning.

Douglass Residential College has led the way in educating and positioning women for STEM careers. More than half of its students enrolled are majoring in STEM. The collaboration with Itiah Angels for Learning, a non-profit organization, will help their students to engage and network with STEM professionals and provide them with opportunities to give back.

The college has a long history of serving underserved communities. Founded in 1918, as the New Jersey College for Women or NJC, it was renamed Douglass College in 1955 and eventually became Douglass Residential College in 2007. WiSE, an acronym for Women in Science and Engineering, was established in 1986 to advance women in their STEM journeys at Rutgers University.

The founder of Itiah Angels for Learning, Marie Thadal, has a solid connection with Douglass. She earned a major in Biochemistry from Douglass College and has had a fulfilling career in STEM. This demonstrates the enduring impact of educational institutions and the commitment of their alumni to making a positive difference in the world. In 2021, she was featured in Rutgers Douglass Residential College Alumna spotlight.

Press Release Reprint from HAPPI Magazine 09.11.23

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