“I am enjoying my time at Rutgers University. I am a part of the Douglass Residential College (DRC), which helped me get into technology. I have always liked STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), and the programs here have enriched my love of learning. I did WiSE’s Project SUPER (Women in Science and Engineering), where I experienced being a technical scientist by maintaining a lab notebook, creating a group research poster, and learning to use micropipettes. I am a part of the CSLLC (Computer Science Living-Learning Community), a Douglass community with young women in computer science, information technology & informatics, and other technology-related majors/minors to discuss courses and have a robust female support system in a male-dominated area. I made many friends and have unforgettable memories associated with Douglass and even more with Rutgers. I am enthused that Rutgers’ DRC is leaning into volunteerism efforts, rewarding students who intern at nonprofits like Itiah and creating more awareness for increasing education and wellness. As it is my last year at Rutgers, I am reminiscing and glad at all the opportunities I have taken and anticipate that many students will volunteer at Itiah.” 

Written by Tiffany Williams

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