As we shift into the fall, it is essential to remember that being thankful is not just for Thanksgiving or other holidays. Having gratitude and being appreciative of what you have is a daily occurrence. When I was growing up, my mother told me she had one pair of leather shoes for school. When she came to America 36 years ago, she ensured her children would never go to bed hungry or to school without breakfast,a full bookbag, and proper attire. I take inspiration from this story and consider the little girls who struggle with these necessities. 

Itiah Angels for Learning is making sure Haitian students at the elementary school she attended in her youth are stepping their best foot forward. The 2023 Shoe Drive is still on! We are thankful to have collected 25 pairs. Let’s continue this precious drive. We are hoping for about 100 pairs of shoes by the beginning of the new year. Thank you to the following donors for supporting these crucial initiatives: Mrs. Brenda Wilson of Old Ship Missionary and Ms.Thersa Brewer of GirlTrek and Sisters of Sole. We are looking for black shoes for elementary school sizes 5 through 12. Please email us at to arrange for pick up. We look forward to helping our girls, one pair of shoes at a time.

Written by Tiffany Williams

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