What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving? I bet expressing gratitude for running water from faucets in your bathrooms might not be making it to your list. What about expressing gratitude for having a fan on your ceilings? How often does it come across the mind to be thankful for a fan? What about electricity? For a Haitian kid, that might be Thanksgiving.  

In the impoverished and often turbulent streets of Haiti, where education has long been a challenging endeavor, there exists a remarkable organization that is making a profound difference in the lives of students and their communities. “Itiah Angels for Learning” is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the safety and learning environment in Haitian schools. Our initiatives range from securing classrooms with barricaded windows to providing solar panels for electricity, fans for improved classroom conditions, and even cots for students to sleep when gang violence disrupts their lives.

Haiti’s public schools often face security challenges, with schools being vulnerable to theft, vandalism, and sometimes even violent incidents. Itiah Angels for Learning addresses these concerns head-on by implementing measures to improve school safety. One notable initiative is the installation of barricades on school windows. These protective measures provide a more secure environment for students and teachers, ensuring that the focus remains on education rather than fear.

Access to electricity is a significant issue in Haiti, with frequent power outages disrupting daily life and education. Itiah Angels for Learning has taken a practical approach to this issue by introducing solar panels in schools. Solar energy ensures a more reliable power source, which is crucial for lighting classrooms, operating computers, and running essential equipment. This innovative solution not only improves the learning experience but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to energy consumption.

Haiti’s tropical climate can lead to stifling classroom conditions, making learning uncomfortable and challenging for both students and teachers. Recognizing this issue, Itiah Angels for Learning has initiated efforts to alleviate the heat in the classrooms. By providing fans, students can now learn in a more comfortable environment, allowing for better concentration and overall academic improvement.

Haiti has faced numerous challenges, including political unrest and gang violence. In some instances, these threats spill into the streets and affect students’ ability to attend school safely. Itiah Angels for Learning has thoughtfully addressed this issue by providing cots for students. In times of crisis, when it’s unsafe to return home, students can stay at school overnight, ensuring their safety and access to education even in the face of adversity.

The initiatives of Itiah Angels for Learning have brought about transformative change in the Haitian education system. Students now have safer, more comfortable classrooms and access to a reliable power source. These improvements directly contribute to better learning outcomes, as students can focus on their studies without the hindrance of security concerns or extreme heat.

The organization’s future goals include expanding their reach to more schools across Haiti, providing even more classrooms with the safety measures, solar panels, fans, and cots they so desperately need. By doing so, Itiah Angels for Learning aims to create a ripple effect, showing the importance of education and the means to provide a conducive learning environment for Haiti’s youth.

If you want to express your thanks differently this Thanksgiving, you can! Visit our website and continue to provide us with your support – financially or by joining us as volunteers.

Written by Krutarth Trivedi

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