We want to extend a heartfelt appreciation to the exceptional individuals who form the backbone of Itiah Angels for Learning (IAFL) – our dedicated volunteers. These remarkable individuals selflessly invest their time and energy in supporting the various projects that drive our organization’s mission. Among them, we are privileged to count numerous students, hailing from institutions like Robbinsville High School, Rutgers University, and various schools across New Jersey and beyond.

It is truly awe-inspiring to witness the unbridled enthusiasm that these young volunteers’ channel towards advancing the education and well-being of our EML students. Many of our volunteers, while juggling full-time jobs and demanding personal schedules, choose to prioritize their involvement with IAFL. They consistently go above and beyond, dedicating themselves to spreading the word about our projects among their friends and families.

We stand in admiration of all our volunteers and their invaluable contributions to our initiatives, including the magnificent “Gala of Angels” that took place in July, the heartwarming “Love Box” initiative for the New Jersey Angels, and our ongoing Shoe Project for our students. Our volunteers also labor tirelessly behind the scenes, managing our social media presence, maintaining, and updating the IAFL website, and tapping into their networks to forge potential partnerships.

Every volunteer’s commitment is recognized and deeply appreciated. This moment is a heartfelt expression of gratitude for the unwavering dedication they’ve displayed throughout the year. We are profoundly proud of our volunteers and their instrumental role in enabling our organization to fulfill the core mission it was founded upon. Would you like to join our organization to help us continue to make a difference in the lives of our little girls? Please go to this link to apply and join our family of do-gooders.

Written by: Serina Bernado

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