École Mère Louise (EML)

On a beautiful sunny October morning, a six-year-old Haitian girl got out of bed to get ready for her first day of school. Dressed in a blue skirt and white top, with ribbons and barrettes in her hair and, carrying a scholarly book bag, she entered the iron gate of EML. At the sound of the bell, every girl methodically got in formation to sing the national anthem, ‘La Dessalinienne’, followed by daily prayers before beginning the school day. Seven years later, she would receive an elementary education that would set her on the path to success in both academia and business, propelled by the message of love, hope and community instilled by the Sisters of Cluny.

The founder of ITIAH Angels For Learning, was that young girl. Soon after the devastating earthquake that took place on January 12, 2010, her thoughts gravitated to EML. She began to wonder what had happened to her school and the students. Sadly, she would later learned that EML was completely demolished. At that moment, she vowed to help make a difference.

While exploitation, predation of the weak and the disenfranchised have personified Haiti’s history, a bright spot within this history focuses on education and learning as the key weapons to combat hardship. What she finds most remarkable is her mother’s vision and wisdom in seeking out the Javoueh Sisters method of learning for her education. For that, she is forever grateful. ITIAH Angels For Learning draws its inspiration from this amazing story of triumph amidst chaos that has given many students the confidence and skills to succeed in every part of the world where life has taken them.