Gourmet Body Pastries Skincare creator and founder, Melanie Mitchell celebrates skin no matter the hue or shade. Gourmet Body Pastries Skincare is a product line created to moisturize and exfoliate all skin types. This hand-crafted body care maintenance system is a delicious reminder of how sweet it is to love the skin we’re in.

There are two things that she is most passionate about, her skincare line becoming a household name and positively impacting the lives of others through ministry. Her love for Public Relations has helped paved the way to helping individuals live their best lives from the inside out and skincare is one of the tools she uses to help convey the message.

In 2017, Melanie began traveling abroad teaching women in impoverished areas how to make skincare. Her travels have taken her to Montrouis, Haiti and Portobelo, Colon, Panama. Melanie incorporates ingredients from the countries she has traveled to in her skincare products. Her ultimate goal is to inspire women throughout the world to become entrepreneurs in hopes of them being able to sustain their homes and communities.