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When ITIAH is read from right to left, the word ITIAH becomes “HAITI”. Moreover, it was quite a discovery to learn that the word ITIAH also means “God is with me” in the Hebrew language. HAITI (pronounced A-yi-ti) is a Taino word that describes a land of high mountains. ITIAH Angels for Learning endeavors to take “Love Thy Neighbor” to the highest level by treating all children as our own.


Historically, impoverished conditions can undermine the desire and love of learning. At ITIAH Angels For Learning, we truly believe that when students, teachers, schools and whole communities are fully engaged in a loving, supportive and encouraging environment, greater results can be achieved. Therefore, a key component of the organization’s initiatives is to support a higher level of learning that would make it possible for students to rise above adverse conditions.


In addition to helping individual children, we are dedicated to helping struggling schools and communities in Haiti as well as those countries and cultures throughout the world seeking new answers to educating and uplifting children from their most forlorn and forgotten regions.




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