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The mission of ITIAH Angels For Learning is to transform children’s lives by providing educational tools to impoverished communities to foster readiness to learn.The organization’s operations are designed to obtain such materials and provide them to schools and students in underserved communities. By making these materials available, it will aid student’s well-being and encourage learning so that students can reach their fullest potential.


ITIAH Angels For Learning is an organization aspiring to work towards eliminating extreme poverty and hardship as we have long known it --one student at a time, one school at a time and one country at a time. By helping students to learn, the organization aims to elevate whole populations and create social progress.


There are many opportunities to show your support the mission of ITIAH Angels for Learning. Sponsoring a student is a great way to ensure students don't miss days of school due to nonpayment and lack of supplies. Supporting by donating to the Beauty Projects and The Robotics Youth Program are equally as important. These programs not only help educate women and children but provide them with specific skill sets to help them care for the children our mission supports.  Your donation is tax deductible.


If you have the desire to become a volunteer with ITIAH Angels For Learning, let us know how you wish to get involved.There are many committees organizing and planning various events to help the organization meets its goal and fulfill its mission.  Your skills and your time will make a huge difference.


Beauty Projects

ITIAH Angels Beauty Projects (IABPwere conceived to transform lives. Women play a vital role in the development of the family as well as community. But in certain countries, many young girls are kept from attending school because their services at home are much needed. This entrepreneurial initiative exposes them to new business ideas so they can sustainably provide for their family.

Robotics Youth Program

ITIAH Angels For Learning is excited to partner with First Robotics Team FRC 2590, an award winning High School robotics team: “Team “Nemesis” . The goal of this partnership is to expose children in underdeveloped countries to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This program opens their eyes to new possibilities.