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About IAFL

A US Registered 501 (c) 3 Non-Profit Organization

IAFL offers a volunteer program for an international education nonprofit. The purpose is to create social awareness and participation in community development.  IAFL volunteers are encouraged to cultivate a spirit of goodwill, and active involvement in social responsibility.

Organization Culture:

We’re a group of diverse volunteers from the Health & Beauty, Technology, Advertising, Education, and NJ government administration industries. We are eager to work side by side with other empathetic changemakers. 

Our philosophy is when you give, you gain. We encourage all volunteers to give their best effort to contribute and along the way, you will develop new skills, build genuine connections, acquire letters of recommendations, & open doors that align with your professional goals. 


We are flexible and we understand that you have other responsibilities. Most volunteers dedicate 3-8/ hours per week (hours up to you). For best time management, we encourage volunteers to dedicate a consistent time during the week to work on projects and meet deadlines. 


Required: Bi-weekly Wednesday Full Team Virtual Meeting @6pm-7:45pm. 

6 initial meetings are required for proper onboarding and becoming familiar with the mission and the objective of each department.

General Qualifications / Skills:
Scheduling/Time Management 

Eager to apply prior knowledge from education and previous work experience.

Readiness to teach and learn from experienced professionals.

Interest in women empowerment, entrepreneurship, international education, global affairs, sustainability, Haiti.


We accept all backgrounds and skill sets. We will collaborate with you to create a role that best fits your current skills or desired professional role.  

We are seeking but not limited to: 

Executive Director in training – Establish boardroom best practice to promote growth

Grant research Fellow – work with Founder to source information for grant writing

Event Planning Fellow– to support virtual event planning 

Writing Fellow– write creative messages to submit mass mailings to our email subscribers  

Volunteer Coordinator Fellow – onboard new volunteers and coordinate teams’ activities

Outreach Fellow – write and send out emails to spread awareness of our organization 

Design your own position – also offered with the approval of management

Overall benefits:

This volunteer program provides professionals, High school and College students hands-on personal and career development experience, and the ability to develop their leadership skills in a nurturing and caring environment. Its overall objective is for all of us to increase self-confidence while cultivating a sense of purpose.


Travel with us to various parts of the world to share our skills and talents with women and children to help their communities thrive.

We are looking for volunteers to join our Newsletter, Social Media, IT, Web, Event, Medical, and Finance Teams!

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Are you a passionate and driven person looking to make a difference in impoverished communities?

Itiah Angels needs you! We are looking to fill a variety of roles.

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Sponsor a Beauty Project

A team of cosmetic professionals is currently planning the next Itiah Angels Beauty Project.

Our destination is the majestic continent of Africa. More specifically, Kenya, where there is growth and opportunity for beauty in Africa as we bring STEM workshops to women and children.

Health, beauty, and glamour take center stage in areas of the world that can greatly benefit from our do-good initiatives. The goal is to open new markets and transform lives.

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