About Us

We are a US-based non-profit organization providing support to children in Haiti and the Caribbean.

Our Mission

At ITIAH Angels for Learning®, our goal is to transform children’s’ lives by providing educational tools to impoverished communities in order to foster learning. Our operations are designed to obtain educational materials and provide them to schools and students in underserved communities to help aid student’s well-being and encourage educational growth so they can reach their fullest potential.

Our Vision

ITIAH Angels for Learning® aspires to work towards eliminating extreme poverty and hardship – one student at a time, one school at a time, and one community at a time. By helping students to learn, we aim to elevate entire populations and create social progress.


ITIAH Angels for Learning endeavors® to take “Love Thy Neighbor” to the highest level by treating all children as our own. When read from right to left, the word ITIAH becomes “HAITI,” (the Taino word that describes a land of high mountains) and in the Hebrew language ITIAH also means “God is with me.”

Impoverished conditions can undermine the desire and love of learning. At ITIAH Angels for Learning®, we believe that when students, teachers, schools, and entire communities are fully engaged in a loving, supportive, and encouraging environment, greater results can be achieved. To that end, a key component of our initiatives is to support a higher level of learning to help students rise above adverse conditions.

In addition to helping individual children, we are dedicated to helping struggling schools and communities in Haiti, as well as those countries and cultures throughout the world seeking new answers to educating and uplifting children.

Our Plan

All donations will go toward alleviating the challenges associated with optimized learning. We are working with impoverished students in Haiti and the Caribbean and are making a difference.

Our Inspiration

“Leave your country and everything you hold dear, go and do good!”

- Anne-Marie Javouhey

These words became the foundation of Anne-Marie Javouhey’s life. Born in 1779 in Bourgogne, France, she joined a convent at the age of 19 and began her life’s mission of fighting for the poor. She saw the problems of her time and vowed to make a difference by advocating against slavery and being determined to educate youth in the most vulnerable parts of the world. She lived to see all her hard work blossom on every continent.


She founded the missionary congregation Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny and dedicated her life to advancing her mission throughout the Caribbean and nations of Africa until her death at the age of 72. In 1864, three Javoueh sisters of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Cluny congregation left their country and family behind. Sister Louise Wight, born in Trinidad, was one of the sisters who boarded a ship headed to a beautiful mountainous island referred to by many as “My darling Haiti” and affectionately labeled “The Pearl of the Antilles”.

École Mère Louise (EML School)

On a beautiful and sunny October morning, a six-year-old Haitian girl got out of bed to get ready for her first day of school. Dressed in a blue skirt and white top, with ribbons and barrettes in her hair, she entered the iron gate of EML carrying her scholarly book bag. At the sound of the bell, every girl methodically got in formation to sing the national anthem, “La Dessalinienne,” followed by daily prayers before beginning the school day. Seven years later, she would receive an elementary education that would set her on the path to success in both academia and business, propelled by the message of love, hope, and community that was instilled by the Sisters of Cluny.

That young girl would grow up to become Marie Thadal, the founder of ITIAH Angels for Learning®. Soon after the devastating earthquake in January, 2010, EML was constantly on Marie’s mind, wondering what had happened to her school and the students. Sadly, she learned that EML was completely demolished and at that moment, she vowed to help make a difference.

While exploitation and predation of the weak and disenfranchised have personified Haiti’s history, Marie believes that by focusing on education and learning we can combat hardship. What Marie finds most remarkable is her mother’s vision and wisdom in seeking out the Javoueh Sisters’ method of learning for her education. For that, she is forever grateful. ITIAH Angels for Learning® draws its inspiration from this amazing story of triumph amidst chaos that has given many students the confidence and skills to succeed in every part of the world.

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ITIAH Angels For Learning® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

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Marie Thadal


Marie Thadal is an accomplished executive in the Cosmetic industry. She has held many different positions in the industry of international influence and recognition. She chaired the New York Chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists, a multi million-dollar organization and the largest chapter of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists association.

She has always viewed education and opportunities in learning as the stairway to the stars. While Thadal was born in Haiti, at an early age she emigrated to the U.S. and became the first in her family to go to college and earn a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. She went on to pursue advanced studies and completed a Master’s degree in Cosmetic Science followed by an Executive MBA. She’s had a rather extraordinary history of overcoming obstacles as she works towards reaching her fullest potential. That story is chronicled in a soon-to-be published book documenting her remarkable journey.

She dreams of ensuring educational opportunities for students where learning is stifled by the lack of resources. She truly believes that every child, if given the right balance of assistance, support and encouragement can truly prosper in the same way that she did. But unfortunately, in many countries school is not compulsory. In others, the system of education is not geared towards providing the perfect mix of resources, support and encouragement – especially for girls.

Thadal is fully cognizant of what propelled her to a life that not only moved her out of poverty but into a life where she’s been able to serve as a resource to her community. She knows what a helping hand can do to put a person on their feet and moving in the right direction. She is convinced that children need exposure to education early and consistently. She dares to imagine a whole set of experiences that would give children belief in themselves so that they can be successful as a result of ITIAH Angels For Learning organization.

Robert Baraczek

Fundraising Chair

Robert Baraczek is a Scientist and business owner in the Pharmaceutical and Medical industries specializing in skin and hair disorders. Robert enjoys spending time with his family, and is passionate about giving back and making a difference. He is especially interested in helping children in the most vulnerable parts of the world and undeserved communities. Robert travels to various countries and understands the difficulties students face in poverty stricken environments. For this reason, he is committed to helping and supporting the initiatives of Itiah Angels For Learning.

Pierre Joseph, MBA


Pierre Joseph grew up in Haiti and moved to the USA as a young man in the 90’s. Knowing that education is the path to opportunities, he earned a BS degree in Chemistry from Rutgers University and an MBA from Philadelphia (now Jefferson) University.


He is a continuous learner and has held positions as a Chemist at various leading companies such as Hartz Mountain, Kimberly-Clark, Summers Laboratories and Shiseido. He enjoys listening to music, playing his guitar, reading and cooking. He lives in NJ with his beautiful wife and their two children.

Myriam Almonor, PhD

General Secretary

Myriam Almonor is a scientist and a Public Health Leader. It has always been her passion to be a Chemist and an Epidemiologist with a drive to ensure safety and healthy communities globally. Her goal is to create an elevated level of protection of human and environmental health. She was born in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti; fluent in French, Spanish, Creole and English. Most of her education were completed in the U.S. As a humanitarian without borders, she wants to educate the less fortunate and bring social changes for a better and a healthier world.


She has traveled to many different countries with members of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists to educate the population of Montrouis, Haiti and Portobello, Panama. She has addressed and demonstrated how effective it is to practice hygiene in order to reduce the spread of infectious diseases. As a public health leader, she feels that it is her duty to reinforce certain health issues, specifically, in underdeveloped countries like Haiti, the Dominican Republic and Panama.


Through the years, she has traveled with many different healthcare organizations; whereas, she educated and contributed to the well-being of undeserved populations. ITIAH Angels For Learning is one of the organizations that she is contributing to assure that the youth of Haiti has a better chance through education and a better opportunity to live healthy. As a Haitian American woman, Educator, Scientist, Philanthropist; her goal is to teach, encourage, inspire and uplift disadvantaged children for a better future. As we all know, education is the key to success and power. Sharing her Godly blessings with the underprivileged is her ultimate goal.

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