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Annual Sponsorship for one child is $200 USD. That’s only 55 cents per day.

ITIAH Angels For learning is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You sponsorship is 100% tax-deductible and can change lives. 


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Your Support Makes a Difference

It is too common in Haiti for students to miss days of school due to lack of payment or preparedness. Ecole Mere Louise (EML), located in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, currently enrolls about 400 students. Each year there are more than 100 students who are at risk of missing school periodically. ITIAH Angels for Learning invites businesses and individuals to participate in a sponsorship program that will directly impact students’ ability to learn.


While there has been a personal commitment by individuals to be more charitable, now more than ever, industries, and companies are also cultivating a commitment to social responsibility. Your sponsorship will provide tuition, supplies, books, uniforms, lunch, and access to computer literacy programs for families who ahve difficulties providing these basic necessities- allowing the children to focus on learning. 


Annual Sponsorship for each child is $200 USD. Only 55 cents per day will ensure that the student’s school year will not be interrupted due to a lack of funds. Your full contribution will directly benefit the children being sponsored and will help new generations to achieve their goals and to reduce poverty. We hope that you will join ITIAH Angels for Learning and help make a difference!

Why The Ecole Mere Louise School? (EML School)

On a beautiful and sunny October morning, a six-year-old Haitian girl got out of bed to her ready for her first day of school. Dressed in a blue skirt and white top, with ribbons and barrettes in her hair, she entered the iron gate of EML carrying her scholarly book bag. At the sound of the bell, every girl methodically got in formation to sing the national anthem , “La Dessalinienne,”followed by daily prayers before beginning the school day. Seven years later, she would receive an elementary education that would set her on the path to success in both academia and business; propelled by the message of love, hope, and community that was instilled by the Sisters of Cluny.


That young girl would grow up to become Marie Thadal, the founder of ITIAH Angels for Learning. Soon after the devastating earthquake in January, 2010, EML was constantly on Marie’s mind, wondering what had happened to her school and the students. Sadly, she learned that EML was completely demolished and at the moment, she vowed to help make a difference.


While exploitation and predation of the weak and disenfranchised have personified Haiti’s history, Marie believes that by focusing on education and learning we can combat hardship. What Marie finds most remarkable is her mother’s vision and wisdom in seeking out the Javoueh Sister’s method of learning for her education. For that, she is forever grateful. ITIAH Angels for Learning draws its inspiration from this amazing story of triumph admist chaos that has given many students the confidence and skills to succeed in every part of the world.

Itiah Angels For Learning® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

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